This is Signature Staking, one of the 1st Cardano Blockchain Network Nodes.

Cardano is a Smart-Contract platform fully decentralized powered by ADA.

With its “proof-of-stake” (3rd Gen. Blockchain algorithm) it is fast and secure, and it seeks to provide worldwide financial and social identity to people who don’t have any.

Also, every ADA holder have the possibility to vote-on-chain for future developments, getting full control over their asset.

Nothing is left to chance.

If you HOLD Ada, don’t wait. Delegate to SIGN and Earn your 5% ROI.

“...simple as a [SIGN], powerful as a Signature”.

DIY - How to... in 4 easy steps


Buy ADA from your favorite exchange

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Send ADA to your wallet

IDownload Daedalus Wallet and install last version 4.6.0:

  • macOS 64 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Windows 8.1 and 10, 64 bit.
  • by IOHK

Download Yoroi (available for mobile):

  • Extension Chrome Browser
  • Extension Microsoft Edge
  • Add-On for Firefox
  • Android The Cardano Wallet
  • iOS EMURGO’s Yoroi Cardano Wallet
  • by EMURGO

Look for [SIGN] – Signature Staking

I“After setting up your wallet, find [SIGN] in the decentralization search tab and start delegating: only delegated wallets will earn rewards.

Important: your ADA are always available for you to send, spend or move.

Please check out our community channels for last breaking news:

  • Twitter Cardano Community
  • Reddit The Home of Cardano
  • YouTube Your Cardano Update
  • YouTube The Cardano Effect
  • Forum Cardano

Earn 5/6% yearly while doing simply n…

Thanks to Cardano and the PoS protocol Ouroboros, every time a stakepool mint/sign a block, the platform rewards you as an ADA holder, and rewards the SPO (stakepool operator) for his effort.

Check the calculator rewards, or… go trough the GitHub Source Code.

Signature Staking only charge a very low margin to be able to maintain the service.

Let’s make it right, delegate to [SIGN].
– Facebook Cardano Foundation



Linux server administrator | Language Data Analyst | Psycholinguist | Natural Language AI Modeler | Feet Reflexologist – Barcelona based.


Technical Advisor | Software Engineer | Information Technology | Business Intelligence | Information Management – Amsterdam based.


– Shelley Mainnet –
Signature is live since epoch #33 (January 16, 2020)

– Ticker: [SIGN] –

Pool Node ID:

Cardano Explorer:


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